The Competence Network „TransAqua - Transfer of radionuclides in aquatic ecosystems“ aims to improve dose assessments for humans due to radiation exposure via aquatic ecosystems. In multi-disciplinary collaborations different aspects of radionuclide deposition, transport and distribution in surface -, ground -, drinking - and sewage waters as well as in fluvial and lacustine sediments will be assembled. The transfer at the borders to biologic material and the uptake in food chains up to biokinetic metabolism modelling of men are investigated.

The overall aims of the project are:

• Assessment of radiation exposure of humans via aquatic ecosystems

• Understanding hydrogeochemical and biological (microbial) processes concerning release and transport of radionuclides

• Evaluation of the senistivity of different water reservoirs (fluvial systems, ground water, drinking water, sewage systems) related to radionuclide impacts

• Generation of prognosis models for radionuclide distributions

• Evaluation of health risks and influences on the human bodies

• Development of mitigation and decontamination strategies


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